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MegaMetalliQ™ is a dietary supplement powered by SmartGuard™ technology and designed to support the body’s natural processes for eliminating certain unwanted elements in the body.

It contains patented Lactiplantibacillus plantarum DSM 33464, which can attract specific undesirable elements in the intestine and help to support their removal via the digestive tract. It provides support against the build-up of unwanted elements in the body.

The Earth’s crust contains many naturally occurring elements. They are found in water, soil, biological organisms, and the atmosphere. Human activities, including many that are industrial, mining, and petroleum-related, release them into the environment.

When released into areas where they can come in contact with humans, many of these naturally occurring elements are undesirable for the human body if consumed in the diet or introduced through various environmental factors.
Exposure to these undesirable elements can come from ingestion (water, food, soil), inhalation, dermal absorption, placental and prenatal exposure.

Key Features:
  • Free from GMO, lactose, and fructose
  • Formulated in a friendly powder format to easily mix into drinks
  • Supports your body’s natural drainage process for removing unwanted elements
  • Supports the removal of unwanted elements in the gut
  • Think of it as a deep clean for your insides


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