What is the referral scheme?

As we are keen to ensure our products are only used with the guidance of health care professionals, only consumers referred by practitioners registered on our site may gain access to our online store.


Our referral scheme for practitioners offers a great way to provide our products to your patients without the need to hold stock yourselves. You simply get your customers to apply for a patient account, quoting you as their practitioner, and then we provide the stock directly whilst you earn a healthy commission that is competitive with what you’d make if you did sell to your client yourselves but without the hassle.


How to register to refer your patients to purchase on MicrobiomeLabs.co.uk:

To register for our referral scheme, while logged into the site with your account please navigate on our top menu to the drop down for ‘my account’ and then click the ‘referrals area’ link as shown below:

Once you click on the link you will see a short form on the next page:

The form should be auto-filled (if not please complete). Click sign up and your application will be submitted and auto approved.


When you refresh the referrals area page or make future visits to it, it will look like the screenshot below and will display details of your referrals and commissions. It also gives you referral links that you can give to your patients or advertise on your website to help your clients find our site.


Instructions for your patients to get started:

To be able to buy from our store, your patients need to complete a quick one-time registration form very similar to the one you did when you applied for a practitioner account. To get to the registration form, they need to select ‘patient registration’ from the drop down menu title ‘account’ as shown below. This link only appears for people not logged into an account on the site.

Clicking that link take the patient to the form below. They then need to fill in their details and click submit. The most important part is they must fill in the name of the practitioner who referred them. Without a valid practitioner name the account will not be approved. This is also how we know who to credit the purchases made by the patient to.

Review and approval should take no more than 2-3 working days. Once approved, your patient will receive an email notifying them that they can now purchase from our store. They will now be able to login to the site and access the online webshop to place their orders just the same as you can, at our standard retail pricing.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Do I need my patients to use the referral links?
A. No, so long as they put your name in the ‘practitioner’ box on the registration form you will be acknowledged as their referrer. The links are optional. They do assist in automating the allocation of you as the referring practitioner but we manually check every application anyhow.

Q. How often will commission payments be made?
A. We pay commissions quarterly as follows:

August – October Commissions: Paid in November
November – January Commissions: Paid in February
February – April Commissions: Paid in May
May – July Commissions: Paid in August

You will be able to see your current unpaid balance in your ‘referrals area’ page at all times

Q. What is the commission rate?
A. Please contact us directly for confirmation of our current commission rate. We do not disclose this publicly. Please note commission is only paid on the net sale value, not on VAT or shipping charges.

Q. How are referral payments made?
A. We make payments using Paypal to the email address on your account. If you do not have a Paypal account its very simple to set one up and on receipt of your first payment from us Paypal will notify you of the payment and give you a link to follow where you’ll be able to set up your account and access the funds.

Please contact us if you have any further questions.


The Microbiome Labs UK Team / TMC Ventures Europe Ltd

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