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Total Gut Restoration

The three fundamental aspects of gut health include: the microbial population, physical structures, and regulatory immune function. A healthy gut microbiome is multi-faceted and relies heavily upon all 3 of these factors, like a three-legged stool. For this reason, therapies that only address one of these facets do not typically provide total restoration of a dysfunctional GI tract. The Microbiome Labs Total Gut Restoration system was uniquely designed to target all 3 of these areas, providing healthcare professionals with highly effective tools to maintain optimal health.

TGR Explained

We are committed to advancing the field of microbiome therapeutics through evidence based research

Since its inception in 2012, Microbiome Labs has valued education, collaboration, and research. To date, the company has attended, exhibited, and presented at more than 300 conferences; initiated and/or completed 14 clinical trials; and provided key solutions to thousands of practitioners, changing over 344,000 lives—and counting. Message us to see our research tables and studies we have completed… with many more to come!

Who We Are

Revolutionary Probiotics and Microbiome Health Supplements

At Microbiome Labs, we take pride in innovation. It’s important to us as a company to lead with a science-first approach. Many of our products are formulated from clinical studies we have invested in. Check out our product line, which is focused on the microbiome and beyond!

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Microbiome Labs Events

As your practice partner, it’s our mission to make you a microbiome expert. Education is at the core of our philosophy at Microbiome Labs, and we take our events seriously. We collaborate with key opinion leaders in the industry to come up with cutting-edge research and education to share with our community.

As a part of our education initiative, we travel and speak at over 160 conferences a year on the most up-to-date research related to the microbiome.

Here’s where you can find us speaking at various events, in-person and virtually, within the functional industry: conferences, private events, masterclasses, one-day summits, e-courses, patient education, and more!



Microbiome Labs is revolutionizing microbiome education and research. Gut bacteria are at the center of addressing human health and vitality. The more you know, understand, and can leverage into the optimal choices for your patients, the more vibrant health your patients will experience and the more success you will enjoy

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Join us in our mission to Pioneer Health and Make Vibrant Health Accessible for All.

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